The Movement

The Wild Africa Film Festival is not just an event; it's a mission. Through the power of storytelling, we aim to raise awareness about the challenges faced by Africa's diverse ecosystems, spotlighting the incredible efforts to conserve its unique flora and fauna. By showcasing a curated selection of thought-provoking documentaries and films, we strive to inspire collective action and foster a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders of the continent. The Vision: To become the premier platform for African wildlife and conservation films, inspiring change and fostering a deep appreciation for the continent's natural treasures. The Mission: We are dedicated to celebrating the wonders of African wildlife and conservation through film, nurturing emerging talent, and fostering a sustainable future for our planet.

Why Africa?

Africa boasts some of the most iconic and diverse animal species on the planet, with vast landscapes, ranging from dense rainforests to expansive deserts that harbour a myriad of ecosystems supporting a rich tapestry of life. Africa is at the forefront of global conservation efforts, with numerous organizations and initiatives dedicated to protecting its natural heritage and combating threats such as poaching, habitat loss, and climate change. By showcasing this through film, the Wild Africa Film Festival aims to inspire audiences worldwide to appreciate, celebrate, and support the conservation of this extraordinary continent. Furthermore, the festival provides invaluable opportunities for aspiring filmmakers to connect with industry professionals, gain exposure to their work, and contribute to the ongoing conversation about conservation through the medium of film. In essence, Africa's rich biodiversity, coupled with the transformative power of filmmaking, makes it the ideal setting for the Wild Africa Film Festival to inspire, educate, and mobilize individuals toward a shared vision of a sustainable future for the continent's wildlife and ecosystems.

Inaugural Event in Rwanda

Rwanda stands as a testament to the transformative impact of dedicated conservation efforts, particularly in protecting the rare mountain gorillas. The Wild Africa Film Festival is honoured to call Rwanda its home for this inaugural event in 2024, paying homage to a nation that has not only preserved its natural heritage but has also become a global leader in sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation. The event coincides with Rwanda’s 20th Anniversary of Kwita Izina Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony. Our story starts in Rwanda and will move around Africa in the coming years.